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Zamia Gold Mines Limited (ASX: ZGM) has discovered a major molybdenum deposit in the Clermont district of central Queensland.

The Anthony deposit is a classic porphyry-style deposit.  Drilling has shown the mineralised system to extend for over 750m x 250m in area, and to at least 300m in depth.  A high grade core has potential for in excess of 25 million tonnes at + 0.1% Mo (1000 ppm Mo).  The surrounding lower grade halo shows potential for at least 50 million tonnes at + 600 ppm Mo.  (Note:  Most molybdenum mines operate at grades of 400 – 600 ppm Mo.)

Zamia is currently raising additional funding to carry out a resource drilling programme on the high grade core of the Anthony deposit.

Zamia’s tenement package also includes a number of other possible porphyry molybdenum and porphyry copper-gold targets.

The Company’s exploration programme has also recognised a number of gold prospects, including several walk-up drill targets.

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Container Hire Fundamentals

Container Hire Fundamentals

Reliable container hire isn’t at all difficult to locate. If you’re planning on shipping anything, container hire may be something you need to consider. Fortunately, the Internet can help you pinpoint all of the best and most reliable container hire companies in your area. Shipping containers tend to be useful for professionals from a variety of different industries. These industries include shipping, energy, rail, construction and mining. If you work in the construction world, for example, you may find yourself regularly searching for dependable container hire businesses that are relatively close to you.

People should always be cautious and diligent when they’re looking for containers. That’s because there are many kinds of containers available. Examples include refrigerated containers, high cube containers and general purpose containers. If you need a general purpose container, you should probably have an easy time making a choice. It’s usually pretty simple for people to find trustworthy refrigerated and high cube options as well, however.

Shipping containers at anlcontainers.com.au aren’t solely available for work purposes. It isn’t unusual for normal everyday people to need them for all kinds of reasons.

Container hire can be a wise option for people who need containers but who definitely don’t want to spend money buying them. If you need a container for a special or rare occasion, there’s absolutely no need for you to actually buy it. If you only plan on using a container once, purchasing it is definitely a waste of your money.

Hire service for containers is easy to find on the Internet. If you want to get a container from a reputable business, don’t forget to carefully read reviews posted by former and current customers. The more information you have about a shipping container business the better. Try to choose an honest company that has a fantastic reputation.

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Womens Knee High Boots

Womens Knee High Boots

You probably don’t need to be told that everything looks different in real life than on a runway model. Knee high boots are a big. On the runway, they look stunning and easy to pull off, casually paired with a micro-mini or a flowing dress cut up to mid thigh. In real life, they are a tad trickier to pull off. They make a bold statement, may conjure up images of Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman and aren’t always complimentary to the rest of your wardrobe. Ok, it’s true: knee high boots at www.brandhousedirect.com.au/a/collections/knee-high-boots are a real challenge, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth trying.

Whether you’re petite, curvy or tall, it’s time to kick things up a notch. Take a look at the style guide below to get yourself knee high boot ready this season.

For Tall Damsels

Rocking a pair of knee high boots is easiest for tall women. They highlight your long gams and look sensational with a sweater dress that hits a bit above the knee.

Curves Ahead

Who says curvy gals can’t wear knee high boots? Opt for boots that hit right above your knee and create a lean leg line. Pair with dark denim in a similar hue. For your upper half, long sweaters and blouses that hit right below the hip look perfect when topped off with a jacket resting on your shoulders to give you a street-style finish.


If you’re on the small side, pair fitted pieces with your knee high boots as not to overwhelm your frame. Don’t disappear under a long hemline that shortens your stems. Instead, opt for a miniskirt that allows for room between your hemline and your boots. The finished product is a chic take on today’s knee high boot trend.

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Buyers Agent Sydney

Buyers Agent Sydney
When you think about the possibility of having your own place, you start to get excited. When you start thinking about the home of your dreams, it’s almost as if everything else just goes out the window. The fact of the matter is if you aren’t careful and don’t take the time to get the professional help on your side that you truly need like Buyers Agent Sydney, you could wind up messing up the whole process.

No one seems to think about the bad things that could happen when they are too busy being starry eyed about potential futures. The experts of Thomas and Gould Buyers Agent Sydney will tell you this is the most critical time of all. If you don’t take a deep breath and prepare for the potential problems of a home, you could wind up dealing with multiple things and consequences that you never intended to all by yourself. Furthermore, you could wind up making a big mistake once you get into the legal terminology and jargon as well. By having the professionals of Buyers Agent Sydney on your side, you can avoid the pain and focus on the gain.

At the end of the day you need to feel comfortable overall. The Buyers Agent Sydney experts will tell you to follow your heart, but that you just have to be careful about it too. You can’t just sit back and wait for someone else to snatch up the home of your dreams, but you also want to be sure as you are doing everything possible to secure your next property that you have the help you deserve right in your corner. Look to what the Buyers Agent Sydney professionals can do for you and see how they can make the difference.
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Cairns: The Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

Cairns: The Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef
You’ll know you’re in Cairns when you spot the hoards of flying foxes screeching at the beautiful sunset. This tropical city sits at the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef and is a jump-off spot to the worldwide treasure.

The small city is tailored to travelers all over the world. It’s simple grid design makes it easy to navigate. So whether you are staying at a hostel as a budget traveler, or staying at a resort as a leisure traveler, you’ll be able to find your way around.

But the most astounding thing about Cairns is the diversity of people. You will meet travelers from all over the world, and they are easy to meet. Cairns nightlife is bustling. You can enjoy a few drinks while meeting new mates from all over the world in this incredibly friendly little port city. And as the sun sets, you can head down to the “bat tree” to watch flocks of harmless tropical bats congregate for the night. They are as large as a house cat and make for an amazing silhouette against dusk.
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Automatic Gates Sidney and Related Accessories

Automatic Gates Sidney and Related Accessories


Automatics gates Sidney specializes in the provision of quality automatic gates, fences, and other accessories.
Sliding Gates
Automatic gates Sidney provides the Sliding gates are an ideal automation choice in places where a swing gate ca not be installed. The sliding gate is ideal for areas with limited space or parking areas. This kind of gate slides into some storage area when opened so that it creates a big entrance space, which is double the size of the gate itself.
Swinging Gates
A swinging gate is recommended in areas with sufficient space, as it is much safer than the sliding gate. You can consider installing a double or single swing gate.
However, if you are considering putting up this kind of a gate, have in mind the size of your operation space and that of the gate itself. A professional will position the gate in the right direction to prevent collisions and to have a smooth operation.
Boom Gates
The boom gates come in four categories. 
GARD 4 is a fast barrier for automatic openings of up to four meters. It is all inclusive of security systems.
GARD 8 is meant for openings of up to 8 meters. 
CAT is an automatic chain barrier with widths of up to 16 meters. UNIPARK is an automatic bar guard for parking spaces. It can work in both residential and industrial areas. Its usage is easy, and it ensures that the parking space is ever free. You can rely on it because it is safe.
Automation systems
Automatic Gates Sydney from rapidautomatic.com.au gets its automation system from Italy, CAME.
The automatic gates Sidney fences are made of steel and a galvanized coating. You are guaranteed that just like the fences, the fittings and posts are insured against any cracks or corrosions. Fencing design can also be custom built.
Automatic gates Sydney also provide access control systems such as:
• Remote Control
• Audio/video Entry Control
• Proximity Card Sensor and Coded Keypad
• Magnetic Card Reader and Key Switch
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The Effectiveness Of Promotional Bags

The Effectiveness Of Promotional Bags
Giving out free promotional bags is an excellent way to get your company’s brand or logo noticed. It is no secret that people love receiving free stuff. Take advantage of that fact. Promotional bags are beneficial to business in a variety of ways.

They are useful to the person receiving it. You have seen shoppers using reusable bags in the grocery store. It is environmentally friendly to use them. Their popularity has risen tremendously in the last 10 years. The more useful your promotional product is, the more apt a person is to use it on a regular basis. Since it is reusable, your company’s logo is seen again and again out in public. Potential customers who are familiar with your brand will be more comfortable purchasing or receiving services from you. Increased exposure equals increased profits.

Promotional bags at Bagpromotions.com.au are a great alternative to traditional media advertising. Media airtime is ridiculously expensive. A well planned event or give away is just as effective at wrangling in potential customers. Once the promotional bags are out there, your name is also.

The design of your logo on the promotional bag is crucial. Materials are cost friendly. Graphic designers are easy to come by if you do not already have a company logo. A promotional bag strategy is a smart and reliable method to increase the familiarity of your brand.
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